Ask a Question.

Need help with an order, a question about your service or your bill? We’re here to help.

Ask a Question.

Need help with an order, a question about your service or your bill? We’re here to help.

Will I be charged a fee if I cancel any of the Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services plans?

You will not be charged any fees for cancelling your service, only pay the full monthly fee and any charges owing for that month. Any remaining marketing budget on your Online Advertising plan or Online Marketing Performance plan will be spent the following month or as requested by yourself.

How quickly will my website be built?

Once you have shared with us information about your business our team will get started on building your website. You will receive a preview link of the site within 5 business days to review, with the option to have revisions made by us prior to going live.

How do I make changes to my website?

Login to the Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services dashboard, click the “Edit Website” link and you will be able to make your edits. Once you have made your edit don’t forget to click “Republish”. If you don’t click Republish your changes will not appear on your live site.

Please contact one of our team members on 1300 800 966 or via the Live Chat feature (bottom right on website) if you need assistance.

Who registers and hosts my website domain?

We will take care of the domain name registration, hosting and the other technical aspects based on your business objectives.

How do I set up my emails on my phone/laptop?

Once your site has been published and we have set up the email addresses that you have requested during your briefing call we will send you a confirmation email. If you need further help setting up your email we suggest calling Telstra Business Tech Services on 13 70 55.

What happens when I cancel?

We will unpublish your website and email accounts associated with the site immediately. Your domain will remain active until the domain expires/is not renewed.

If requested, we will only be able to re-activate your website and email within 3 months of your service being cancelled.

What inclusions do I get in the Customer Management tool on the Small, Medium and Large plans?

Here are a number of the key features of the customer management tool and the inclusions within each of the Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services website plans.

Small Medium Large
Staff Bookings 1 1 5
# Customers managed 75 300 Unlimited
Document Sharing 50MB 1GB 20GB
Send SMS reminders 250/mth 500/mth
Payments Management
Payments tracking Y Y Y
Create Estimates/Invoices 100/mth Unlimited
Reserve by Google Y Y
Create Coupons Y Y
Offer Online payment Y Y
Out of the box campaign (default content) Y Y Y
Custom campaigns 100/mth Unlimited

How do I manage my bookings?

By logging into the Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services dashboard you can access the customer management tool inbox, which is similar to your email inbox. Any time a client contacts you using the booking tool or webform, all the relevant information goes into your inbox: requests, questions, bookings, and so on.

If a customer cancels their booking, will my calendar update automatically?

Yes, if your calendar is synced cancellations will be automatically removed.

Can I sync my calendar with the booking tool?

Yes. The booking tool syncs with many calendar types, Google, Outlook and iCloud to name a few.

Will my calendar content be visible to others?

No, only your available times will be visible to customers.

Where do I see booking requests? Will appointments appear on my existing calendar?

When clients submit a booking request, you will receive an email with a link to accept or reject it.

When you accept an appointment, a confirmation email is sent to you and the client, and the appointment automatically appears on your existing calendar (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, iCal, etc).

We recommend that the email configured is being read at the same service where you keep your calendar (e.g. if you want your meetings to appear on your Gmail calendar, you would set the email to be sent to your Gmail account).

Can I set appointment reminders?

Depending on your plan, when a meeting is scheduled, the booking tool can send an automatic email and SMS reminders to your client about the upcoming meeting.

By default, one email reminder will be sent 15 minutes before the meeting. You can change this setting and configure up to two different reminders and select how long in advance the email reminders and SMS reminders should be sent.

Can I display the charge and take payment for the service I offer at the time of the customer booking?

The booking tool enables you to set and display a fee against the various services that you offer. Depending on your plan, you can then set the booking tool to create and send an invoice as well as take the payment for the service at the time of the booking or after the booking.

Can I limit how far in advance my clients can schedule an appointment with me?

You can manage the settings in the booking tool to limit how far in the future you will take a booking.

Do my clients have to pay for my invoices via the booking tool? Can they pay by bank transfer?

You can collect payments any way you want, and still use the tool for invoicing. You can decide you only accept credit card when the client visits your office, or over the phone. You can also offer your clients the choice of paying online when they receive the invoice, or pay you with cash. Either way, once you received a payment from your client, you can mark the invoice as paid.

Can I refund payments to my clients?

Payments collected via the booking tool are immediately transferred to your PayPal account. If you wish to fully or partially refund the payment – you can do so by visiting your PayPal dashboard, login with your email and password, and you can see all the payments from your clients. Click details next to any payment and you’ll be able to refund the payment. If you are using Stripe you can easily issue refund from your account dashboard.

Can my clients pay online for my invoices?

Yes. You can set the invoices to accept payments online and your clients will be able to pay you with any credit card, debit card or with their PayPal account.

Got more questions? Contact us on 1300 800 966, alternatively, refer to our partners site at vCita  

Can I get my website online before my eCommerce store?

Yes. We know that it may take a little longer to get the details of your products together, so we will launch your website first. Once you have provided us with your product info, we will add it to your site (with your approval) and your eCommerce store will be made available to your clients.

The eCommerce store is available with a Medium or Large Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services website plan.

What do I need before I start building my eCommerce store?

  1. Have good quality photos of your products
  2. Have clear details about each of your products. A price and a product description are a must for each product; the more information you can provide, the better. We will help you tidy this up if required.
  3. Determine how you will ship your products. Do you want to use Australia Post or another provider?
  4. Make sure you have enough inventory in stock
  5. Setup a payment gateway. If you don’t have one, we’ll help you set it up.

How many products can I sell on my website?

Medium website plan can have up to 100 products and Large plans can have up to 250 products with the option to add variations to a product. For example, a Black T-shirt is a product, and the variations are the various sizes available.

If you need a larger online store, contact the Telstra Digital Marketing team on 1300 800 966 or via the Live Chat function on the website.

How do I provide my product information?

We will provide you a link to our eCommerce product upload tool for you to fill in all the required information. Once completed, you will need to export the spreadsheet and upload it using the Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services Dashboard. If you get stuck, one of the client managers will be able to help you out. You can also find the link to the eCommerce Product Upload Tool here. 

How do I take payments for my products and services online?

We will help you in selecting a payment gateway provider if you don’t have one already. Note: You will need to enter into a separate agreement with the payment gateway provider if you don’t have one already.

What payment options are available for my online store?

Online and offline payment options are available. Online payment means that the funds are transferred to you through your payment account immediately when the customer confirms the payment. The most commonly used payment gateways are PayPal, Stripe, eWay, and Square.

Offline payment means that the money is transferred later. The customer will arrange the transfer offline; for example, going to a nearby bank to transfer the money (that would be bank/wire transfer payment method), giving the customer a call to agree on the payment (“Phone order” payment method), or customer giving the cash on delivery etc.

Am I charged a transaction fee?

Telstra will not charge any fees for any payments that are processed on your store or by your payment gateway, however your payment gateway provider may charge fees, depending on the agreement you have with them.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with payments?

Telstra is not responsible for the payment gateway service. You will be required to contact your payment gateway provider if you are having issues with payments or the payment gateway service.

What shipping options are available?

Three main shipping options are available;

  1. Real-time (or carrier-calculated) shipping rates.
    This option is chosen if you use companies such as Australia Post to ship your product as they will to calculate the shipping rates for you.
  2. You can set up your own shipping rates:
    You could choose to set up a Fixed Flat Rate shipping option or a custom table. A custom table would allow you to use various combinations of your own rates based on customer destination, order subtotal, and items weight.
  3. Individual product shipping freight.

How do I manage my orders?

You’ll manage your orders via the Sales menu in the Orders tab in the website editor.

Here you can see all of the orders (unfinished, finished, or sent) that your store has had. Use the filters on this page to find or review specific orders.

We will walk you through the basics of managing your store in the handover call.

Can I customise my email notifications?

If you have purchased a Large Plan, yes. You can control which types of emails are sent (e.g., “order confirmed”, “order shipped”), edit the content of these emails, configure emails for yourself and your team (e.g., “low on stock”).

Is there an app that I can download to manage my online store via my mobile or tablet?

If you have purchased a Large Plan, you have access to the mobile app. Select “Mobile” from the website editor panel on your website. You will be prompted to either enter your mobile number or scan a QR code. You will then be directed to your devices App Store, download the app as directed.

Can I bulk discount products in my eCommerce store?

It is possible to offer tiered pricing for each product based on quantity tiers. For example, a t-shirt costs $24.99, but if you buy 3 items, the price will be dropped to $20.99 each instead. Discount prices are shown on the product details in the storefront and discounts are applied as soon as the quantity added to the cart changes.

Can I have a different image for the different variations of the product?

Yes, if you have purchased the Large plan. You can have a different image for different versions of the product.

Can I have a “sold out” or “low stock” message on my product?


Can I show related products below the main product?

We can help you setup your online shop to display products that a customer may be interested in buying based on a related product that they are considering or have purchased.

How can customers send me questions about my products?

We can set up an enquiry form that the customer can fill in to send you questions.

Can customers search for products on my website?

Customers can search based on keywords, attributes, price range and category.

Can I provide the option for repeat customers to sign into my online store?

Yes. This will save the customer time in filling out payment and shipping information. The customer can also see purchases that they have made previously.

Does the online store support other languages?

Not at this time.

How are my customers notified that they have made a purchase?

They will receive an email outlining the order details, purchased items, shipping, billing and order status.

Can I get my own domain?

Yes. You can sign up to the Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services XS plan and link your website to your new domain.

Can I get an email address with the Extra Small plan?

No. Email addresses come bundled only with the paid Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services website plans.

Why does the website expire after 12 months?

The Extra Small website and Google My Business listing gets you an online presence immediately which is handy if you just want to be found. At the completion of the 12 month free subscription period, the subscription will terminate, the website and its contents will be deleted, and the associated domain will be released for you to renew with Telstra or a third party. Your Google My Business listing will continue.

How long does it take for my Extra Small website to go live?

It only takes a few minutes from the time you start the briefing process up to when you publish your website.

Can I change the contact details and operating hours on my website?

You can request a change using the Telstra Digital Marketing dashboard to make changes to your website.

Why isn't my address accepted when I enter it?

The address is checked against Google Maps. Sometimes the address cannot be found. If this is the case, drop us an email at and we will investigate this for you.

Why doesn't my business come up when I search for it?

It can take a number of weeks for the search engines to start ranking your site. Then it can take a number of months to be rated so that it is found on the first couple pages of search results. You can contact us on 1300 800 966 to get more information about how you can improve the search ranking of your website.

Can I pay for my Extra Small plan to keep my website?

There is no plan to allow customers to keep their website after 12 months however you can easily upgrade to a paid Telstra Digital Marketing Services Small, Medium or Large website service.

Who is eligible to purchase the plan?

Customers that have purchased the Telstra Online Essentials Core, Small and Medium plans are eligible for this service. Customers on the Large plan have it included, in their website plan. Customers that do not have a Telstra Digital Marketing Services website are not eligible to purchase the product.

What if I like the design of my website and I do not want a redesign?

No problem, you don’t need to take up this feature if you don’t want it. One of our Client Managers will keep in contact with you and will only make changes that you have asked for.

What is included in the plan?

  • Unlimited basic copy changes
  • Adding and replacing images and logo
  • Changes to your Google My Business and Apple Maps listings
  • Updates to your booking tool
  • Quarterly check-ins to walk you through changes to your website based on our recommendations
  • Redesign of your Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services website every 12 months

Note: Excludes changes to your Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services or Telstra Online Essentials eCommerce store and the inclusion of additional pages.

How does Online Search Ranking improve my ranking in Google or Bing?

Online Search Ranking applies the principles of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to improve the search ranking of your website.

The search ranking of your website is influenced by a number of factors such as, but not limited to:

  • How well written are the pages on your website
  • Is the content titled correctly
  • Have you set up the correct keywords on your website (really important)
  • How well your website displays on mobile phones and desktops
  • Does your website load quickly
  • Does your website support SSL
  • Having fresh content on your pages
  • Do you have images, videos on your website?
  • Do you have broken links?
  • Ensuring your website is listed on Google My Business, Facebook Business, Apple Maps and other listing services
  • How popular your website is – are people going to it

How do you know what needs to be optimised on my website?

We will perform an audit of  up to 5 pages of your website and provide you with an outline on how we will address any issues and opportunities for improvement.

How many pages do you optimise?

We will optimise up to 5 of the pages on your website.

What are the right keywords for my website?

The right keywords are important as they ensure that customers will find your website. As an example, say you may make birthday cakes. It would make sense that when someone searches for “birthday cakes” that they will find your website. If you have used the term “birthday cake” regularly on your website then this will help in your search ranking. We will also work with you to help ensure that you don’t have the wrong keywords as you do not want to get the wrong customer coming to your website. For example, if you didn’t make wedding cakes you wouldn’t want someone who was after a wedding cake come to your website.

The trick with keywords is not to use too much jargon. After all, the person searching for you isn’t likely to be using jargon.

So the more keywords I have, the better chances I have that a customer will find my website?

There are no guarantees, however, by having poorly defined keywords your website will rank poorly. We will provide recommendations for 5 keywords and 2 locations. It is also important to get the ratio of keywords to text right. Using the same words over and over again may seem unnatural to the search engine, this can negatively impact how your site ranks.

Can I change the keywords?

One of our client managers will work with you to select the best keywords for your site. You can have them changed at any time.

How does a blog improve my search ranking?

Search engines rate websites highly the more frequent the site’s content is updated. As a number of the pages on a website don’t change such as the About Us or Contact Us, it is recommended to have a webpage that can be updated regularly with current information. This is where a blog comes in handy. We will work with you to come up with ideas on what we can write for your blog and will have you review and approve it before we publish it.

How often is a blog created?

We will create a blog for you at the time you purchase the product, and then every quarter thereafter based on your direction and approval.

Do I have to write the content for the blog post?

No. We will write the blog post for you and you can review it before we publish it.

How do you know what to write in the blog post?

During the briefing call where we learn about your business we will get some ideas from you on topics that you think would be relevant to write about and put on your website. We’ll then go away and come back with a draft for you to review.

How long does it take before I start to see my search ranking improve?

We expect the ranking of your website to improve after a few months, however, the benefits start to materialise after about 6 months. It is dependent on a number of factors such as the keywords that are being used, the industry that you are in, where you are located and the website design itself.

Do I need to have a Digital Marketing Services website for the Online Search Ranking service to work?

We will provide recommendations and work with you to make the changes if your website is hosted with another provider and we cannot access it nor familiar with the website editor. 

We may not be able to access or make changes to non-Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services or non-Telstra Online Essentials websites.  In this case, we’ll contact you discuss whether this is the right plan for you.

I have a Digital Marketing Services or Telstra Online Essentials website and thought that it was already optimised for the search engines. Why should I consider taking up the Online Search Ranking solution?

Google and the other search engines make regular updates to the rules that determine how a website is ranked. As such it is important that you maintain your website regularly such as keeping the content fresh, ensuring that links are not broken, keywords are still relevant, just to name a few. With our Online Search Ranking solution we will review your website and present recommendations on how we can improve the search ranking of your website and make the changes on your behalf where we have access to the website and are familiar with the website editor tool.

How often will I get an update on how my website is going?

You will get quarterly reports outlining the activities that we have performed, the performance, traffic and leads analysis of your site and ranking information.

You will also get quarterly calls from one of our client managers to talk you through the websites performance and provide further recommendations to improve your website.

How is Telstra’s Online Search Ranking (SEO) different from other SEO solutions in the market?

As part of the Online Search Ranking package, Telstra includes the development and publishing of blog articles, keyword & content optimisation, keyword research and, business listing creation just to name a few. These items may be charged as an extra by other providers.

Do I have to pay extra to have you make changes to my website based on the recommendations you have for my website?

We’ll make the changes for Telstra Business Digital Marketing and Telstra Online Essentials websites. For other website solutions, we will work with you to help make the changes based on our recommendation as we may not be able to access your site or be familiar with the website editing tool used by your website.

If the rules that determine the ranking of a website are changing, what do you do to ensure my site changes to stay up to date?

Your site will be monitored continuously through our suite of tools to ensure that we keep on top of any changes. If there is a change in the search engines algorithm that impacts your site we will know about it and we will take corrective steps to help ensure you are not impacted.

Can I still purchase the Online Advertising plan if I don’t have a Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services or Telstra Online Essentials website?

The Online Advertising plan can be purchased by anyone with a website. You do not need to have a Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services or Telstra Online Essentials website.

It sounds pretty easy to manage my own marketing campaign, so why should I pay for someone to do it?

It is true that you can manage it yourself. You can look to bid for keywords that you believe will work and get a return on that investment. However, having our seasoned digital experts using our state-of-the-art advertising technology will ensure the best return on your marketing spend and enables you to focus on running your business.

Should I spend more on my advertising campaign?

The marketing dollars in your Online Advertising plan is a good starting point if this is the first time you have done online advertising. However, depending on what you are advertising and where, you may be advised to increase your marketing spend. The average spend for a successful campaign can range between $500 and $800 per month. Remember as well that though you may commit to spending $800, it will only be spent if the advertisement is clicked, otherwise it will roll over to the next month. You will always have the option to top up your spend during any month as well as the base marketing spend that is included in your Online Advertising plan. 

How does Online Advertising promote my website online?

Online Advertising uses search engine marketing (SEM) tools such as Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising to advertise your business online. We work with you to develop a campaign to target keywords in a specific region by customers. This solution also offers the option to advertise on Facebook and its Instagram networks.

For SEM, the marketing spend you allocate to a campaign is influenced by the keywords and region that you select.

The alternative to online marketing is more traditional methods such as TV, radio or a letterbox drop which is broadcast in a wide region to people that may or may not be interested in your product or service.

Online Marketing works by presenting the advert to the person when they are either searching for the products or services that you are offering, or when they meet the demographic criteria set within the campaign, at a time when they are interested in it.

Unlike traditional methods, your marketing spend is only used when someone clicks on your ad.

How does Online Advertising work?

For SEM, you put in a bid for keywords and a region that you are looking to promote your business. When a potential customer searches for the product or service using the keywords you are willing to pay for in the region you have nominated, your advertisement will appear up the top of the search results. You will only pay for the clicks on your ads.

This is the theory, however, sometimes a competitor may outbid you for the keywords in your region, meaning that some keywords are more expensive than others to purchase. For example, bidding for the keywords ‘health insurance” will be very expensive. However, bidding for “florist” in your area may not be as expensive.

It is also very important that the keywords are carefully selected as you want to attract the right customers to your website you don’t want to attract the wrong customers to your website. One of our client managers will work with you to develop a plan around what keywords you should be using and which search engines you should be bidding for ads on Facebook, your campaign would typically target users based on their location, demographic, interests, and profile information, many of which are only available on Facebook. Once you’ve created an ad, a budget and bid are set for each click.

While Facebook’s interest targeting can be useful, it tends to be based on assumptions about a customer’s audience. As such, we prefer to start with broad audience targeting, so as not to exclude any potential customers from seeing the ads.

What does an ad look like?

An ad is made up of various components:

  • Title: Two lines of copy that appear in blue at the top of the ad
  • URL: This is the URL of your website or a specific page on your website.
  • Telephone Number: the contact number of your business.
  • Description: Details of the product or service you offer
  • Sitelinks: Shortcuts to specific pages of interest on your website.

What does a social media ad look like?

A Facebook ad is made up of various components:

  • Logo: This is the logo on your business’ Facebook page
  • Business name: This is the name of your business’ Facebook page
  • Body Copy: Max 125 character that appears above the image
  • Image: An image representing your business
  • Headline: Max 25 character line of copy that appears directly below the image
  • Newsfeed Link Description: Max 30 character of copy that appears below the Headline
  • Button: This leads to your website

Do I need to provide my own images to advertise on Facebook?

Facebook provides guidelines and tools that help you select the best images to use for advert. Our client managers will guide you in this process. If you don’t have high quality images, not to worry. Our service includes the option to use images from our vast image library that meet Facebook’s guidelines.

Why do I need an advertising solution for my website if I already rank highly in search results?

  • With online advertising, you get more control of what you want to say in the search results. You don’t get this through normal search results.
  • When it comes to online advertising, we can work with you to see what keywords aren’t working well in the normal searches and see how we can boost your ranking even further.
  • Customers searching online expect to find results at the top of the search results page. So either you or your competitor could be placed at the top.

How do you split the marketing spend across Google, Bing and Facebook?

Based on our experience of what has worked in the past for other campaigns of similar products and service, we will recommend a split and work with you to determine how we best allocate your marketing spend across the various service providers.

How long does it take for an ad to go live?

Once the campaign is set up by the client manager, it can take up to 2 business days for it to be approved by Google, Bing, and Facebook.

Is there reporting available?

We provide a monthly report via email that outlines the traffic, clicks on your website, where they are coming from and much more. You can also go to the Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services Dashboard to get a daily view of the traffic to your website at any time.

How do I know that the campaign is working?

Once the campaign goes live we monitor your campaign with these major milestones:

  • Day 1: Make sure that the campaign is working
  • Day 3: We do technical spot checks to make sure that there are no billing or advertising issues
  • Day 15: We check that the performance is in line with the forecast. We’ll modify the campaign if we think we can get a better result..
  • Day 30: Review of month 1 performance data
  • Day 60: Ongoing optimisation

Does Telstra promise or guarantee volumes of clicks or leads?

It’s impossible for any company to guarantee the volumes of clicks or leads you’ll receive from an advertising campaign. Advertising on Google, Bing, and Facebook is a live auction in which the competition for consumers attention is changing on a minute by minute basis. Because of this, clicks and lead volumes will change on a daily basis.

Will I be listed #1 in search results?

Though we cannot guarantee that your ad will be #1 in the search results, we will work with you to optimise the marketing spend to ensure that it reaches the most people you want to target.

What happens if I change the pages on my website?

You must let us know if you make changes to your website as this can have a negative impact on the performance of the advertising campaign.

How much of the monthly charge is allocated to marketing and where does the rest go?

Of the Online Advertising $299 plan, $180 incl GST is allocated to advertising across Google, Bing and Facebook. You can purchase additional marketing spend in blocks of $50, of which $33 will go to the marketing spend.

What is included in the Online Marketing Performance plan?

We bundle the Online Search Ranking and Online Advertising plans together and increase the marketing spend in the advertising campaign from $180 to $250 incl GST per month.

Are there any ongoing costs once the pages have been published?

All the costs for hosting the additional pages are included in your monthly website subscription. 

Do I need to have a Telstra Digital Marketing Services website to purchase this product?

Yes. We can only add Additional Pages to websites that our Telstra Digital Marketing Services team have built, including Telstra Online Essentials websites.

How many additional pages can I purchase?

Telstra Digital Marketing Services Additional Page products come in 1 and 3 page packs. There is no limit to how many pages you buy. We will design the page and write the copy for you, this is included in the cost.

Can you add my blog to my site for me?

If you have a Telstra Business Digital Marketing Services or Telstra Online Essentials website, we can add the blogs to your site for you. If you don’t have a site built by our team you will need to add it on to your site. 

Do I have to write the content for the blog post?

No. We will write the blog post for you and you can review it before we publish it.

How does a blog improve my search ranking?

Search engines rate websites highly the more frequent the site’s content is updated. As a number of the pages on a website don’t change such as the About Us or Contact Us, it is recommended to have a webpage that can be updated regularly with current information. This is where a blog comes in handy. We will work with you to come up with ideas on what we can write for your blog and will have you review and approve it before we publish it.

How do you know what to write in the blog post?

During the briefing call where we learn about your business we will get some ideas from you on topics that you think would be relevant to write about and put on your website. We’ll then go away and come back with a draft for you to review.

What are the benefits of having a video on my website?

Video is the most effective way to promote your products and services and influence your visitors in the shortest amount of time.
Hosted on YouTube and embedded on your website, a video has a tremendous impact on your website’s ranking in Google search results.

What do I get with the Video product?

15 Second Montage 30 Second Montage 30 Second Custom
Video Type HD montage HD montage HD custom
Revisions included 1 2 2
Video Length 15 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds
Narrative Text Text Voice/Text
Import own HD video No Yes Yes
Stock HD Video No No Yes
Royalty-free soundtrack Yes Yes Yes
Stock images or own images 3 10 Unlimited
Scriptwriting Yes Yes Yes
Call to action Yes Yes Yes
End card with business name, phone number & URL Yes Yes Yes
Include business logo on end card Yes Yes Yes
Motion graphics (custom animations of text, graphic elements, logo) No No Yes, up to 2
Publishing to YouTube Yes Yes Yes
Embedding on Telstra Digital Marketing Services or Telstra Online Essentials website Yes Yes Yes

If I cancel my Digital Marketing Services website, do I still keep the video?

Yes. We will create a YouTube channel for you if you do not already have one, which you will still be able to access after the website is cancelled.

Where is the video hosted?


If I want to make a change down the track, how much will that cost me?

Once the video is published to YouTube no further revisions are available. You will need to purchase and create a new video.

How many revisions do I get with the videos?

You get 1 revision on the 15 second video and 2 revisions on the 30 second videos.

How do I update my details if my account is suspended?

The following steps outline how to update your billing details for your Telstra Digital Marketing service within the Telstra Apps Marketplace.

  1. Login to the Telstra Apps Marketplace –
  2. From the navigation toolbar in the top right-hand corner, click ‘Manage’, then select ‘Account.’
    click ‘Manage’, then select ‘Account.’ image
  3. Select ‘Billing’, then select ‘Billing details’ from the left-hand side navigation bar.
    Select ‘Billing’, then select ‘Billing details’ image
  4. Scroll down till you see ‘Payment Options’. Select the payment option you want to use for your service, then select Edit.
  5. If you have selected Telstra account, enter your Telstra account number and ensure that the Account authorised representative is correct, then click ‘Save.’
    Note: Only 10 digit Telstra Account numbers can be registered as a Telstra Bill payment option.
    Payment options step image

We will validate that your account number is correct and follow up with you by sending you a confirmation email once we have linked your accounts.

If you need any help on keeping your service active, please call us on 1800 878 483.

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